The Final Event

The phrase "all actions are by their endings" refers to the concept that the true value or judgment of any action is determined by its outcome or conclusion.

Your studies.
Your career.
Your relationships.
Your life.

As the final curtain call for Safinah Talks, we’d like to present to you on this topic that highlights the importance of having long-term perspective.

This is taken from a Hadith of our beloved Prophet PBUH: وَإِنَّمَا الأَعْمَالُ بِالْخَوَاتِيمِ “Verily, deeds are only judged by how they were at the end of life.”

Too many of us today are focused on the short-term immediate results of your efforts. We give up too soon. We walk out on our marriage too soon. We quit our jobs too soon. But could there be wisdom ini staying a little longer to work on something that’s not working.

The hope for a good ending in life common for everyone I’ve ever met. Times may be tough now, things may not be perfect today, but maybe it’s something we need to endure, for there may be lessons in these moments of difficulty and disappointment.

You still have time, to turn things around, to change your mindset, to repent and turn over a new leaf, to do better in your marriage even after you have hurt your loved ones, to keep on giving your best every day at work even though you may end up losing it one day. Because we all want our endings to be good.

I invite fellow Singaporeans to register their interest for this final talk at the end of the month. Tickets will be on sale soon. You won’t want to miss Safinah’s final talk :) See you insyaAllah.